Justin Beiber just made me really sad. Not sad like this (please watch, very cute, thanks divy!). But watching him sing One Time, so fresh-faced and youthful, I’m struck by how old I am (getting). Oh dear. I wish I had paid more attention to childhood. Because my skin gets thinner everyday and soon, no amount of retinol or coenzyme something is going to restore it. No more childish crushes and self-conscious flirtations. And while watching Justin Beiber sidle up to his golden girl crooning “you’re my one love, my one heart, my one life for sure” made me uncomfortable, I kinda wish it wasn’t because I’m carrying this baggage of grownup-ness. For once, I wish I wasn’t thinking about how ridiculous it is to think that your silly eye candy is the one for you because once, I would have been wishing I was the one he was singing to. But I’m not 13 anymore. And fairy tales don’t exist in this grownup world. That sucks.


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