so wrong.

Artist statements are precious, both to the artist and his/her interested viewers. Edited artist and curatorial statements are misrepresentations, grievances to an artist’s integrity and values. I find it an unforgivable transgression to anyone who takes their craft seriously.

You might as well have destroyed my piece, because honestly, I take my writing more seriously than photography. To think you lauded my statement and recommended it as a fitting standard to model after.

Art is not journalism. It rebels against the style of conformity, favours candor over communication, and may even transcend the rules of grammar when it sees fit. Because art itself is a comment on rules, conformity and the prosaic. I do not deny journalism as a craft and neither do I think they are completely immiscible but in this case, I do not mean for them to mix.

AND if I had wanted to be corrected, I would have arranged to be paid for it. I did not and I don’t want to be. Not if it involves compromising my values.

To the deceived, here’s the original:

Valerie is a confused teen who isn’t even a teen anymore, a vagabond-at-heart who puts her hand into every cookie jar just for a feel and sometimes, multiple hands in multiple jars. Metaphorically.

Photography is one such cookie jar. She has found it liberating conceptually but a pain technically. Of all, she likes shooting people best.


Valerie Oon

7 March 2010

“Sculpture occupies real space like we do… you walk around it and relate to it almost as another person or another object.”
Chuck Close, American Painter and Photographer

Last year, I chanced upon an installation titled Helena’s Sculpture and was greatly intrigued by it. Because, you see, it wasn’t a sculpture. It was 12 portraits of a girl named Helena housed in a piece of furniture, cruelly concealed from the viewer’s eye.

Vaast Colson’s ‘sculpture’ influenced me to consider the dichotomies of sculpture and painting, especially to question my conviction in their distinction.

Through my own ‘sculpture’, I hope I’ve inspired you to reflect on your personal convictions, question them and to consider if anything in life is perfectly black or white.

Canon Eos 400D

For Random Blends 2010; Old School 2902 Gallery, 19-28 March.


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