universal studios singapore.

I have a shit load of schoolwork but really want to note this down because I don’t think I’ll be back there for a long while. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! was awesome (: It was a fantastic anniversary present!

The point to note is that, like any other theme park, their job is to make you happy. I love the feel of theme parks though I can’t remember all the ones I’ve been to before: DreamWorld, MovieWorld, Tokyo Disneyland… (don’t think there’s any others?).

It was a good day to visit Universal but I don’t know if the lack of crowds was due to the soft launch or the drizzly weather. Anyhow, the feeling of having the theme park to yourself was fantastic, roaming around the beautiful make-believe streets with ponchos and silly grins. No waiting time, no long queues and no jostling. I even managed to forget I was in Singapore.

Loved how my spirits soared the moment I stepped into Resorts World and how I started having this stupid smile plastered on my face. I think it’s the music, some sort of fantasy-superhero track. And there was this huge Universal globe shrouded in mist.

I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to Battlestar Galactica. The red flight was thrilling. But once you take the blue one, you don’t wanna go back to the red one. Cylon had me gripping Dick’s hand and the safety harness till my knuckles were white. I couldn’t even scream, just had my face locked into a tense, wide-eyed, raised-eyebrows and stretched-lip expression. We had 3 go-s. Though the second time was significantly less hair-raising, it gave you enough lucidity to really savour the feeling of being (nearly) thrown into space, time to look down from where you are and really enjoy the way your heart tries to jump out through your throat. And the third time, amusing to laugh at other people screaming. And, in case you’re considering, the front seats don’t really make a difference; take the side seats for more thrill. (Didn’t try, but the staff did mention that the back seats are just as thrilling.) “Good hunting!”

I don’t know how the conditions will get later on but it doesn’t really seem worth it to get the annual passes because the place is quite small and you can easily go through it in a day. Unless, maybe you live around Harbour Front and do not work regular hours. In which case, you can just hop down to Universal for a ride or two anytime or just walk around the place. Because the place is so uplifting! It’s a fairytale and all the people smile at you when you pass each other. So beautiful.

“All the world’s a stage”? All the world should be a theme park!


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  1. you screw me up big time

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