Lord, I choose.

Lord, I choose to stop second-guessing my choices. Lord, I choose to trust that you hold my future in your loving hands. Lord, I know that whatever I choose, even if it were a mistake, if in fact, it was a mistake made in faith, you will not let it be in vain. Lord, I know that if I’m sincere and faithful in my walk, you will never leave me to walk this life on my own, that you will always lead me home, no matter what. Only you know what the future holds and only you know where your dreams of what I could do be fully realized.

Lord, my mortal eyes are short-sighted; this choice looms near and huge, of great consequences. But in your gaze, it is so small. If this is a wrong step, your faithfulness will bring me back. Lord, I think you’ve led me to this, and Lord, I thank you for your wisdom in recognizing my fit in where I’ll be going. Lord, I leave in your hands the things I may lose when I forsake the other option and follow through with this. But I choose what you have chosen for me. Keep me in your wisdom and your peace. And Lord, continue to show me everyday that you are real and come through for me. Forgive my lack of faith, my capricious belief and my obstinate independence. Amen.

I could stand outside your gates and never enter in
I could let this moment pass and go my way again
I could just keep silent and hold from you my praise
Or I could give my heart away


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