free your kids.

Must remember this for my kids. Adora Svitak, so young but so accomplished. I love the way she uses words, creatively for maximum impact. Truly, she is a wordsmith. And she carries herself so beautifully. With a kid so mature in her level of thought, the only worry with her seems to be how much further she can be developed to reach her full potential.

That’s why I passionately believe that philosophy should be the basis of learning for children. Philosophy is a way of thinking, a depth of thinking, you start from there and you never have to worry about teaching them anything else in future. My children are getting history of philosophy books as bedtime stories. But wait, before you think I would be one of those monster parents who rob their kids of a childhood with a schedule you can hardly breathe through, I’m not. I am ambitious, for my children. But only that they become the best they can possibly be, whatever their station in life may be. I don’t believe in a life of resigned mediocrity.

Another thing, openness. Parents, your learned limitations stunt the growth of your kids. Why should they fit in your mould? Really, what makes us think we know so much more than our kids that we should set the rules? Why don’t we let them decide if that works, or not? Ok, I know that’s much easier said because we all have an insane built in protective instinct when it comes to our children. But…ya. Try to ignore that as far as sensibility goes. You see, if you’ve already taught them how to think, you should be afraid of little else.

Here she is. Watch for her triumphant conclusion. I felt so incredibly proud of her, I think a tear formed in my eye. If I were her mother, I’d die sitting in the audience of the TED conference…of pride. I think as we busy ourselves singing her praises, we should also honour the wisdom of her parents.


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