I’m poring over GMH at Expo when I’m supposed to be sending out CVs. It’s making me cry at a little corner in Coffee Bean. But it’s also inspiring me.

Dear God, I don’t talk to you as often as I should because I’d honestly rather be watching sitcoms or surfing mindless blogs but God, whenever I do, or whenever you decide enough is enough and you barge in to my life with something that moves me to tears, you touch me so profoundly. I’m not as good a person I want to be. Worldly philosophies hinder my compassion, laziness thwarts my loving acts but God, if I had to ask just one thing of you, help me love like Jesus did. GMH is helping me rediscover how a small act of love can do so much in another’s life. Like this one:

Last night was my prom night.
A girl with Down’s Syndrome was dancing by herself and everyone was laughing at her.
My boyfriend broke away from me and went over to dance with her. My boyfriend’s kindness GMH.

I want to be someone like that. But I’m not. I’m selfish, judgmental and apathetic. God, I ask for my heart to be filled with love and for your hand to move through my own. Use me everyday and God, if you are real, use me to lead your children home.


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