serendipitous love.

the truth is, love is just a series of physiological responses that can happen to anyone, with anyone. there’s nothing remarkably serendipitous about it, only, there is.

isn’t it serendipitous how that one particular person can trigger those particular set of physiological responses in us, at this one particular point in time, under particular circumstances because of the unique factors at play in that moment? (i’m not even talking about a new friend, it could be someone you’ve known forever and one day, it just happens.)

sure, this happy coincidence could fail to pan out, and it could happen again with another particular person during another particular point in time but the fact that it happened/happens at all, in a moment you could never anticipate, or engineer, by that fact alone, shouldn’t it be miracle enough? given that for some people, it just happens so infrequently that they remain single their whole lives.

i think romance novels and films have raised our standards too high. not only must ‘real’ love happen in that unexpected moment, it must be with that one chosen person alone, that one soulmate with whom magic happens. i haven’t believed in the one since i was a secondary school kid. it just isn’t plausible.

and from a christian perspective, how could God afford to assign you one person and there, job done. he knows how we are and how stupid we get. he’s not going to take any chances and let us mess up like that. i think, at different points in our lives, under the right circumstances, we meet different people who are ‘perfect’ for us and it may work out, or it may not, but each person we end up with will lead us to fulfill a different destiny (i hate to use this word but something like that), any of which God means for us to.

that said, i do think sometimes, we trick ourselves into those serendipitous situations but they’re always a good lesson.

love is amazing. it’s like a making a chemical compound, the right reagents, the right temperature, procedure and all. except, to get the compound you want, you always have to use a different method and nobody knows what the heck it is EVERY TIME. and that is why it is no science.


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